K is for… #AtoZChallenge

Yeah, this is going to be another music related post followed by a little personal stuff. 🙂

K is for the Killers and Killing myself for others…

I’m obsessed with the Killers. Heard of them? Mr. Brightside? Somebody Told Me? When You Were Young?

Every one of their songs contains a story. Stories of love, loss, fights, and even murder. As a writer, how could you not listen to them? They provide some of the best mind-churning ideas!

I have a project I’m working on based on the stories in these songs. Once I have the first draft done, I plan on contacting the song’s rights owner to publish.

It’s a bit different direction than the other things I’ve written. I’m super excited about taking a chance on something new 🙂

Now- onto the personal. I’ve been killing myself to keep others happy and, to be honest, I’m done. No one should have to sacrifice their selves for the sake of making others happy. I like being happy. I like being enthusiastic over projects and hobbies and I like doing this challenge. I missed yesterday’s post and I wanted to kick myself.  I know this isn’t my usual mind frame, but I just needed to get it off my chest.

Thank you guys for listening.

(And thank you Corrissa James for calling me out and holding me accountable! :D)

Alright, I’m not going to focus on that negative crap tonight. Today was too good of a day to do so.

Much Love!!


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