O is for…#AtoZChallenge

O is for the Outsiders.

Nothing Stay Forever”
“Nature’s first green is gold,
“Her hardest hue to hold.
“Her early leaf’s a flower;
“But only so an hour.
“Then leaf subsides to leaf.
“So Eden sank to grief,
“So dawn goes down today.
“Nothing gold can stay’’.

— Robert Frost

Man, I LOVE this book!

So here’s a quick, little, way overdue, book review.

First off, if you don’t know what it’s about, the Outsiders follows the life of Ponyboy Curtis. He’s the youngest Curtis and lives with his brothers Sodapop and Darry.

They run with a group known as Greasers- the underclass group of street youths. Their rivals, the Socs (or Socials) are the preppy kids who have it all.

The_OutsidersAt first glance, you wouldn’t know how serious this story gets. One night, a fight breaks out between the two gangs and someone is killed, sending Pony and his best friend, Johnny, on the run.

Now, I know this is a young adult book, forced into middle school kid’s hands. Actually, I’m pretty sure I read it in elementary. Anywho, the situations in this book are all too real. The Outsiders deal with death, homelessness, and the fact that every social economic class has problems.

And sometimes, when we look at something or someone from a different angle, we realize we’re not so different from one another.

Take the character Cherry. She’s a Soc by association, in a sense. Ponyboy meets her at the drive in and they hit it off.  She’s kind and talks to him, even though he’s dressed as a Greaser. She doesn’t laugh at the fact that he reads and studies hard. She looks past the fact that he’s poor. She just looks at him.

I think the world has forgotten how to really look at each other. To not judge based on appearance. But to know a person by their heart.

Must be why they have kids read the book to this day. I just hope that they get the lessons in the Outsiders and grow on them.

Much Love

PS- Can I also point out that this was S.E Hinton’s first novel and she wrote it at 16?! If that doesn’t motivate some of you writers to get your work published, I don’t know what will!

Added bonus! Wonder where they got the idea from 😉

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